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People who have changed their lives with Heidi:

"This book encourages me!"

"I liked how inspirational this book is. I believe in creating the life of my dreams without getting bogged down in my past. This book totally encourages me to be even more than I was yesterday. Great job authors!"

- Erica Glessing

"I got inspiration and courage and reassurance that it is important to find my way"

I got inspiration and courage and reassurance that it is important to find my way ... "

"I got inspiration and courage from the Mastermind group and confirmation that it is important to find our way. And the latter doesn't always have to always seem logical to others. as was right for himself 🙂 "

-Katrin Kolnes

"My distant goal is many times closer..."

"I'm very happy to be able to participate in the Mastermind group, I got a lot of interesting ideas, to communicate with new people and the main thing is that some distant goals are many times closer. Heidi just radiates positivity, which is very contagious - thanks a lot!"

-Killu Mitt

"I got the first Mastermind group experience as a positive and encouraging one"

"When I joined the Mastermind group a few months ago, I expected constant support and focus on the pain/worries that played a big role in my life at that time. The support was great and the group was friendly, unfortunately, I was a little too passive myself, but I got the first Mastermind group experience as a positive and encouraging one, and in the future I can rejoin a group on a topic that is important to me, playing a little more active role. I also really liked Heidi's suggestions, speeches, and directions, which will help me find the right path for myself!"

-Berit Soosaar

"You can change your own nature, your behavior"

"I have come to Heidi quite randomly looking for any information about my self-development and especially about my subconscious behavior. It's still super cool that you can discover suht a power inside yourself! It's good to know that you can change your own nature, your behavior, and what is sent to your life! For those of you who haven't felt it, come check out this page and discover unknown secrets about yourself!"

- Kerli

"Thanks to Heidi, I'm positive and cheerful."

"Thanks to Heidi, my life has become much more positive and cheerful. She gives you all the tools to get a wonderful life, you just have to act."

- Karin

"Heidi can help anyone"

"Heidi can help anyone who wants to get closer to the life of her dreams by overcoming obstacles (even ones she has no idea). Her trainings are easy to listen to because the story is clear and straightforward. Besides, all the gratitude and positivity through challenges and quotes gives a lot of good energy for the day."

- Eike

"I developed a lot with the help of Heidi"

"I have learned a lot and developed a lot with the help of Heidi. Really, my life has begun to move on and it has changed a lot. I have also learned how to stay on track and manifest my desires quickly. Yes, I have acquired many magic techniques and will continue to do so. I am also pleased that I now have so many tools to test and help myself now. I'm grateful, Heidi! :)"

- Sigrid

"I am now able to see things clearly"

"I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Heidi and from the first few minutes into the session she was able to determine what the blockage was. I was prepared to work on a specific problem but Heidi helped get to the real root of the problem which turned the whole session around. I am now able to see things clearly from a completely different angle and realise I wasn't looking in the right place. Thank you !"

- Sébastien (33)

"My business life has changed A LOT!"

"I have worked with Heidi for about 1,5 years by now and during this time has changed a lot in my personal and business life! The biggest program, where I participated, was Business Mastermind where I got as a result a huge growth (over 6 times), I grew my expert status, I grew my visibility and most of all, I can “make money” in every situation! Corona never affected me.... not really. I know very well, how I can increase my income. Also in such times as now. I also get almost 2-3 times per week questions from magazines or newspapers to write an article or do some cooperation. This never happened when I did everything by myself without any Help from Heidi. I’m really happy and thankful, I have such a wonderful coach 🌷🌷🌷"

-Maria Palusalu

"Everything has changed"

"Heidi runs a special group for mothers and I joined November 2019, because my 4-year old was in alow vibration - every day was “a bad day”. Heidi has been coaching me through mother and child issues and over this time a lot has changed. Heidi has many life-changing courses, but one of my favorites is a 3-day course „Emotions of mother and child“. It expanded my understanding of how my energy if affecting my child and what can I do to help my child through myself. I understood that my child is a mirror of me and his issues are my issues. The course also had a special gift – Heidi taught how to cut unnecessary energetic binds, that no longer serves you. It’s very important when you or someone in your family is highly sensitive. After doing that regularly the screaming at nighttime ended. During this course was also the first time I went to my child’s energy and experienced what he was feeling inside. The process was safe and easy when listening to Heidi’s introductions. As a result of special courses for mothers and children, today my child is more full of joy and love. He laughs, is creative, open to life, and adventure. Heidi teaches from love and her experience (she has 4 children!). She is a very intuitive woman and has a superpower to tell the main reason why this situation is your life– this way the results and changes come very fast. Before Heidi I knew nothing about energy and how to change it and this way change my life. Very thankful to meet her :)"

-Kaidi Silm

"Thank you Heidi for this powerful and life-changing experience!"

"With the recent COVID-19 outbreak I found myself scared and confused. They had only just announced the pandemic and the infection rates were increasingly growing. Around the same time I came across Heidi’s ‘Improve Your Immune System’ course. The content sounded fascinating and I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it. This turned out to be the best decision! Right after watching the first video I felt more confident and at peace. I no longer experienced the fear and panic, which had previously taken over my life- my inner peace had been restored! Heidi’s soothing voice took me back to when I was a child and my mother would lovingly tuck me in at night.🤗 I felt safe, balanced, and well-cared for. I have found that listening to the content right before going to bed will guarantee me a good night's sleep!
I cannot recommend this course enough- not only does it improve your immunity, but it also helps you fight your fears! Thank you Heidi for this powerful and life-changing experience!"

-Anneli Kutsharina

"I have some positive impact on my life"

My journey with help from Heidi has been rather short so far, but already I have some positive impact on my life.
One significant story that happened in my life recently had to do with my husband selling our apartment (premium estate). We are building a house and knew a long time ago that would want to sell the current place and he was always worrying whether he'd get the price he'd like, if there'd be any interest and buyers, etc. As I had already joined Heidi's Secret's Club, I had the chance to ask from Heidi what blocks my husband should remove or what he should do, to stop such behavior. As Heidi told me all the blocks my husband was feeling, I contemplated on them a few evenings, just wishing he'd stop these blocks. I never even mentioned to him what Heidi had told me. And then came COVID-19 quarantine. After a long discussion we decided to still go ahead and open our home for selling. Photos and add went up on Sunday evening, on Wednesday buyer came to see the place and instantly booked our place. No price negotiations and we can live here till our house is ready for moving. Really good outcome :)
Another success story was entirely mine. I've been really afraid of speaking up, initiating conversations with strangers, etc. So I had a private session with Heidi, and in 20min we dealt with my issues. After a week I was sitting in a corner, waiting for my child from practice. As usual, I had chosen a private place, avoiding other parents. Suddenly I felt the desire to start talking with one of them. And I did it, thinking to myself that some weeks ago, my silent voice would've stopped me from this multiple times :P After that occasion, I've felt my fear of speaking is decreasing and it's such a good feeling :)

-Kristi Lepp


Heidi Plumberg is a mom of 4 kids and has built a great online business in the last 3 years as a psychic coach. She graduated from Tartu University (MA in Social Sciences) and has also studied different modalities. She has helped so many people with different problems throughout her life.  

Whatever is your problem, everything can be solved. Sometimes we can't do it alone and need a little instruction. That's why she has created webinars and trainings on different topics to help everyone find their way for living a better life. As a Spiritual Business Coach, she enjoys hosting in-person events and online classes with people all over the world via Skype. Heidi speaks Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish.  

So many different people have received help from her. For example, people who struggle with anxiety and are unable to lead a normal life. Thanks to Heidi, they have overcome the anxiety disorder that they have suffered for years. And for example, people who have money problems and do not see opportunities in their lives because they focus on negative situations. She has helped change subconscious beliefs so that people can see more opportunities that bring more money into their lives.  

Everything around us is energy, you just need to get that energy flowing correctly. People have become free of migraines, allergies and other sicknesses etc. Your life is what you think and how you will do it… So everything starts from the subconscious mind and your beliefs. Make sure that they work with you, not against you!  

Heidi lives in Estonia with her husband and their kids. She enjoys painting, gardening and traveling.