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Heidi Plumberg is a mom of 4 kids and has built a great online business in the last 4 years as a psychic coach. She graduated from Tartu University (MA in Social Sciences) and has also studied different modalities. She has helped so many people with different problems throughout her life.  

Whatever is your problem, everything can be solved. Sometimes we can't do it alone and need a little instruction. That's why she has created webinars and training on different topics to help everyone find their way to living a better life. As a Spiritual Business Coach, she enjoys hosting in-person events and online classes with people all over the world via Skype. Heidi speaks Estonian, English, Russian, and Finnish.  

So many different people have received help from her. For example, people who struggle with anxiety and are unable to lead a normal life. Thanks to Heidi, they have overcome the anxiety disorder that they have suffered for years. And for example, people who have money problems and do not see opportunities in their lives because they focus on negative situations. She has helped change subconscious beliefs so that people can see more opportunities that bring more money into their lives.  

Everything around us is energy, you just need to get that energy flowing correctly. People have become free of migraines, allergies, and other sicknesses, etc. Your life is what you think and how you will do it… So everything starts with the subconscious mind and your beliefs. Make sure that they work with you, not against you!  

Heidi lives in Estonia with her husband and their kids. She enjoys painting, gardening, and traveling.